Lord Hobo - NA IPA - Non-Alcoholic Beer


There’s no need to forgo deliciousness in the pursuit of sensibility with Lord Hobo Brewing’s non-alcoholic beer. Savor the essence of life, whether it is embarking on a thrilling hike, ferrying your children to their myriad of activities, or merely organizing the upcoming week. Lord Hobo’s Non-Alcoholic IPA emanates a luminous, hazy aura, replete with ripples of exotic fruit scents and citric notes. A subtle undertone of bitterness at the end urges you to savor another mouthful. Sobriety has never been this satisfying.

It’s flavored with hoppy and fruity undertones, entwined with a floral bouquet and a tangy citrus melody. Scented with an abundance of tropical fruit-infused hop aromas, and looks hazy and golden.