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Pat Dooling, Founder & Owner

Pat Dooling is a long-time entrepreneur, operator, and investor in building businesses of a variety of types, including consumer/retail, technology, health/wellness, and real estate. Pat founded Dray because of his own personal passion to improve people’s lives through for-profit endeavors that can succeed in doing well by doing good. He believes strongly in the overall health/wellness trends Dray is addressing, and is a passionate non-drinker himself.

Before Dray, Pat worked at Bain & Company, Bain Capital, Riverside Partners, and ran his own commercial real estate development firm. Pat earned his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. Pat has lived in Boston’s South End since 2006, and now lives right around the corner from Dray’s first brick-and-mortar location with his wife and two elementary-age sons.

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