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Exterior of the Dray shop featuring its orange doors and logo sign

Local Businesses Are Booming in SE

February 02, 2024
After opening in November, Dray has already been a great success.
The Boston Guardian
A photo of the orange Dray exterior shop sign with Dray and half-wheel logomark.

Dining Playbook visits Dray Drinks in Boston's South End

January 24, 2024
Dining Playbook visits Dray Drinks in Boston's South End.
Dining Playbook
Two cocktail glasses with citrus on a white surface with an orange overlay graphic

Boston’s Dray Drinks wants to help you go dry for January

January 16, 2024
Places like Dray Drinks in the South End make going alcohol-free even easier: every beer can, wine bottle and spirit there is non-alcoholic but tastes like the real thing.
WBUR Radio Boston
A screenshot of the WCVB video featuring the entry doors to Dray.

Mass. Dry January participants have more non-alcoholic options than ever

January 12, 2024
In Boston, Pat Dooling is creating a safe space for the sober or dabbling to find sophisticated beverages without the buzz.
ABC Boston
A photo of an NA cocktail surrounded by beautiful pink and purple flowers.

A Booze-Free Guide to Boston for Dry January and Beyond

January 10, 2024
A first for Boston—the South End is the proud home of Dray, a new non-alcoholic package store in the South End. 
A photo of a French 75 on a counter, with an orange color overlay.

Getting a taste of dry January at Dray

January 10, 2024
To hear more about this popular seasonal pursuit, The Common visits Boston's first non-alcoholic bottle shop, Dray. 
WBUR The Common
A screenshot of Ghia bottles within the NBC 10 Boston TV frame.

Inside Dray Drinks non-alcoholic bottle shop in the South End

January 09, 2024
The South End is home to Dray Drinks, Boston’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop.
NBC Boston
Phony Negroni beverages on display on the tasting table at Dray

Boston’s First ‘Non-Alcoholic Bottle Shop’ Opens In South End

January 04, 2024
If you’re partaking in Dry January or leading a zero-proof life, you’ll be excited to know that Dray Drinks in Boston’s South End just opened. Dray Drinks is Boston’s first-ever bottle shop solely dedicated to...
Boston Uncovered
A wall of NA wine on shelves at Dray

What is Damp January, the alternative trend to going dry?

January 03, 2024
The rise of Dry January and nonalcoholic libations have inspired many people over the years to ditch the booze as part of their New Year’s resolutions. But as 2024 kicks off, a...
Boston Globe
Dry January attracts customers to Boston's new non-alcoholic beverage shop

Dry January attracts customers to Boston's new non-alcoholic beverage shop

January 03, 2024
Dray offers a selection of 250 non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirit options. On Tuesday, the store's first day open in the New Year, several people came inside curious about Dry...
CBS Boston
A photo of the shelves at Dray stocked with NA beverages.

Trying Dry January? 5 things to do in Boston that aren’t drinking.

December 29, 2023
Dray has been open since November, but are holding their Dry January Grand Opening party on Jan. 6 — sampling the products, which include zero-proof beers, wines, and pre-made cocktails,...
A photo of the checkout counter at Dray and a side view of the wine and ready-to-drink display.

Boston’s First Non-Alcoholic Liquor Store Comes to the South End

December 19, 2023
Tucked away on a cobblestone side street of the South End, a new store with big orange double doors beckons the sober, sober-curious, or, really, anyone thirsty. Dray Drinks is...
Boston Magazine