Curious Elixir - No. 7 - Non-Alcoholic RTD


Here’s a toast to the good times—Curious No. 7 is a booze-free champagne cocktail riff on the French 77, and the perfect companion for celebrations large and small--from weddings to Wednesdays. We start with California Chardonnay grapes, and infuse them with elderflower, juniper, lavender, a touch of jasmine green tea, juniper, and gentian root. They're now bottling and canning so you may receive bottles or cans in your shipment. With zero alcohol, Curious No. 7 was made for special moments or as an uplifting self-care ritual. Serve chilled and up in a coupe with a twist of lemon, add an optional drop of honey before pouring for a touch of sweetness. Cheers!