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December 08, 2023

At Dray, Boston’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop, we welcome you to our community space no matter where you are on your NA (non-alcoholic) journey: whether you’re completely sober or still partake in alcoholic drinks sometimes, we’re always here to help you learn more about zero-proof drinks and support you at whatever level you’d like to dive into NA options. 

As December begins, and as the holidays quickly approach, many are embarking on a “Dry December” – an attempt to abstain from alcoholic drinks every day of the month. While “Dry January” has gained traction in recent years due to its associations with New Year’s resolutions and new healthy beginnings, Dry December also has plentiful benefits – and all of us at Dray are here to support you on this journey! Read on for Dray’s Top Five Reasons to Try Dry December this year:

  1. You’ll have the chance to examine your relationship with alcohol. If you still drink alcohol regularly or even occasionally, it can be useful to take an extended break from time-to-time so you can take a step back and examine your relationship with alcohol. If you committed to a month-long pause this December, you could use this opportunity to see if you have become dependent on alcohol to get you through social commitments or as your sole relaxation time at the end of a long work day. In a “Dry December” month, you might find it challenging to step away from alcoholic drinks for even a few days – and making this commitment at the start of the month might help you keep the promise to yourself try to work through those cravings in other, healthier ways such as exercise, journaling, meditation, or a zero-proof substitute from Dray. 
  2. You’ll see boosts to your health, energy, and productivity. From the immediate health benefits of being saved from a next-day hangover, all the way up to the potential benefits of long-term alcohol abstention related to shedding weight by dropping extra “empty” alcohol calories and a lessened risk of an array of diseases, breaks from alcohol – even if periodic – can prove beneficial for your health, energy, and your subsequent productivity. According to Healthline, you can potentially see health benefits from abstaining from alcohol in as few as 30 days – now is the perfect time to start on a healthier path, and you’ll be able to build on those health gains in the new year!
  3. You’ll avoid potentially regrettable holiday family blowups. Many of us know that alcohol doesn’t always bring out the best in everyone: ourselves and our families included. Save yourself from the lack of control that often comes along after a few drinks and prevent certain discussions over holiday dinner tables from going haywire! When you’re sticking to non-alcoholic options, you’re much less likely to say something regrettable to that one relative always spouting about politics, subsequently saving yourself a whole lot of unnecessary drama and family fireworks. Keep the peace this holiday season and grab a zero-proof option to share at your holiday gatherings instead!
  4. You’ll likely save money. A night out of drinking can add up quickly – adding tens or even hundreds to your daily financial toll. With inflation at very high levels, and with the holiday season coming up quickly, saving money is at the top of many of our minds. Abstaining from high-priced bar drinks or marked-up restaurant drink add-ons could save you hundreds throughout December. This is money going right back into your pocket – or maybe going a long way towards those holiday gift lists. Instead,opt for or mix up a great zero-proof drink, which typically by the ounce will be cheaper by a comparable alcoholic option. 
  5.  You’ll gain momentum going into the new year. If you start a Dry December now, you will have gained 31 days of sobriety going into 2024. Lasting change and habit creation both often solidify after about 66 days of consistent action, and remaining alcohol-free for this month might mean you start early on Dry January. You’ll also begin the year with a fresh perspective on alcohol – as well look forward to a hangover-free New Year’s Day! Building up this momentum now, when the stakes might seem lower than when you’ve made a formal New Year’s resolution, can warm you up to the new healthy habit and give you the push you might just need to keep with it next year. Come February, you might be ready to abstain for a longer period of time, propelling you to actually keep one New Year’s resolution that will make you healthier and wealthier in the long run! 

Dray, Boston’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop, is ready to help you make a Dry December easy with a full range of exciting zero-proof options. From beer, wine, and liquor substitutes to refreshing teas and unique NA options – Dray’s got you covered!