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March 10, 2024

By Erin Trauth

When you visit Dray, you know you’ll find an array of exciting, refreshing, and innovative non-alcoholic drink options, and you know you’ll be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff. But, what you may not know–or what you may have wondered if you’ve visited the store for any length of time–is the full story behind that huge, vivid mural on the wall. Who made it? What’s the story behind the Ford Bronco? And how about all of that fabulous orange?

Thankfully, we can answer all of these questions and more, as we spoke with Liv, the muralist behind the giant painting, to get the full scoop. Liv, the local artist behind Leika Creative, partnered with Pat and the Dray team to execute this brilliant work before Dray opened its doors in November 2023. “The mural took a couple of weeks to design and then four full days to paint,” Liv said. “When I initially met with Pat, he knew he wanted to create a feeling of something that would feel refreshing, summery, tropical, and vibrant.” That initial choice, of course, explains many of the bright hues, including the striking orange hues throughout the mural and all over the Dray brand.

“We also talked about the idea of including a vintage car to play on the ‘Dray’ idea [a dray, historically, was the name for a truck or cart that delivered beers or other heavy items] and that we would include a couple images of non-alcoholic drinks, like the NA Aperol Spritz,” Liv said. “We really wanted to make a high-end, fun, botanical feel overall.”

For Liv, painting the mural at a place like Dray, which offers people a chance to enjoy healthier beverage choices, was a natural match: a former ICU nurse and now a full-time artist, Liv has always had a strong interest in health. ”Dray is such an up-and-coming community – non-alcoholic drinks are moving us into the ways of a healthier future,” she said.  

In Liv’s mind, it also says so much about a new business and its branding to choose to make such a bold visual statement in its location. “There was so much thought put behind this mural, and it says a lot about the goals of the business. It makes clear that Pat had a vision for Dray from the very start, and this mural really helps to express how he wants people to feel when they’re here.”

If you haven’t been by to check out the Dray mural by Liv of Leika Creative yet, we’re here to welcome you and introduce you to a whole new community of non-alcoholic drinks, awesome events, and a vibrant, energetic community of people excited about all things zero-proof: and, of course, all things orange!