Simple Sips - Cocktail Mixers - Non-Alcoholic Mixers



Berry Basic: The sweet strawberry puree is perfectly balanced with lime and herbal notes of mint and elderflower. Add in as much soda water as you want and stir that puppy up!

Figgin' Delish: The name says it all! Turkish figs and maple syrup from the adorable Brookledge Sugarhouse in Whately, MA are perfectly balanced with fresh lemon juice and our secret holiday spice blend. 

Leid Back: The tropical taste of guava is perfectly balanced by flavors of orange and lime with notes of coconut, almond and vanilla. This cocktail will bring you to a place of serenity and peace. Relax, enjoy and get Lei'd Back.

Pear Pressure: This blend is our most fruit forward cocktail. The refreshing taste of pear is perfectly balanced by vanilla and lemon. It's not always a friend that pressures you into one more drink. Sometimes the cocktail is just that good.

Rye Not: This is our OG flavor, the one that started it all and keeps everyone coming back for more. The balance of tart passion fruit alongside the herbal rosemary and local apple cider is exactly what our favorite whiskey has always been missing.

Smokin' Hot: The sweet mango puree is perfectly balanced with tart passion fruit and lime juice. Jalapeño brings the heat while just a dash of smoked tea ignites your taste buds. This bright yellow-ish orange cocktail will make you feel Smokin' Hot, and you know what they say about tequila...