Shimmerwood - CBD Seltzers - Non-Alcoholic RTD



Shimmerwood - CBD Seltzers - Non-Alcoholic RTD - Chai Cherry is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Chai Cherry: A smooth fusion of warm, woodsy and dry tastes that feel like a walk in a forest on a sunny winter day. The element that brings it all together is chaga. An adaptogen mushroom that’s known for its savoriness and stress relief benefits. It’s the perfect bridge between chai’s mellowness and cherry bark bitters’ bite. 

Ginger Orange: Ginger’s spicy and energizing edge mixes with orange bitters made from every part of the fruit and the mellowness of hemp. Think ginger ale…if it had an upbeat flirtation with citrus. When you’re in the mood for something to clear your head and lift your spirits, this is it.

Just Hemp: The perfect understatement. Nothing but Full-Spectrum CBD, spring water and a light touch of carbonation. It's made for drinking straight from the can and as a superb mixology partner.

Razz Lime: Sweet raspberry shrub, tart lime bitters enlivened by unexpected extracts like gentian and clove and of course hemp turn a classic deliciously complex. Think of it as a splash of summer, but all grown up and ready any time you want it.