Joni - Verjus Cans - Non-Alcoholic Wine



Verjus is pronounced vair-joo and translates to green juice. It's lightly sweet, tart, unfermented & made from grapes that are picked pre-harvest to give the others a little more elbow room.

Blanc: Fresh and bright, the subtle savory flavor notes of celery, basil and tarragon evoke the feeling of sitting in a sun–filled garden, even on the gloomiest of midweek evenings. Chill and enjoy as is, with a dash of bitters, a top-up of tonic, or your favorite NA or conventional vodka, gin or white wine.

Rouge: Warm, earthy notes of herbs and spices including allspice, cardamom and rosemary balance the crisp, naturally tart sip of verjus. Enjoy chilled straight from the can, with a dash of bitters, or a splash of your favorite conventional or NA amaro or spirit.