Giffard - Syrups - Mixers

By Giffard


Apertif: A fabulous non alcoholic substitute for Campari or other red bitter liqueur, this aperitif syrup is rich with flavors of bitter oranges, gentian root, quinquina, and spice. Works beautifully with club soda and a twist of orange, in a faux-groni, or just as a way to lighten the ABV of a regular, alcoholic cocktail.

Grenadine: A great bar classic, but also a sweet memory of our childhood, Giffard Grenadine Syrup brings the liveliness of red fruits and the sweetness of vanilla to your various creations.

Noix de Coco: Very pleasant, medium intensity. Sweetness of coconut milk with a note of grated coconut. Broaden the range of possibilities in your drinks with one of the few on the market to contain coconut cream, which gives it its intensity and characteristic taste.

Orgeat: A traditional French specialty, orgeat syrup is an essential ingredient in Tiki cocktails. The flavor of almonds is at once, nutty, fruity, and confectionary. Giffard Orgeat effortlessly ties together the combination of spirits and fresh juices that are a hallmark of tropical cocktails. 

Sirop de Gomme: A pure sugar syrup made from gum arabic and orange blossom extracts.  It is a transparent syrup with a slight ivory colour and a sight orange blossom.  The taste is the characteristic taste of gum and orange blossom