El Guapo - Syrups - Non-Alcoholic Mixer



Lime Cordial: This syrup is created using two different lime varietals that are peeled & juiced by hand as well as fresh lime leaves grown on our property. Complex & full of bright lime flavor, this cordial packs a punch in cocktails, mocktails and as an addition to sodas and tonics for those who enjoy overt citrusy notes. We use this most frequently in margaritas, daiquiris, gimlets and sodas, but its also a fine replacement for simple syrup in classic mint julep recipes.

Rose Cordial: Our Rose Cordial is INCREDIBLE. Created as a natural alternative to the preservative and chemically laced rose syrups and waters on the market, this cordial is floral, fruity and naturally brewed without the use of harmful, synthetic ingredients. We use NO artificial colors. Exceptional in champagne cocktails but equally at home in myriad mocktails, punch recipes and tiki drinks.

Falernum: A beautiful expression of lime and almond, our Falernum has long been a small batch release. It's perfect for entertaining. Try this in your tiki favorites or put a twist on the classics with a dash of this in your shaker. This syrup is complex and rich with a velvety viscosity that adds the perfect depth and weight to otherwise thin cocktails.