Casamara Club - Cans - Non-Alcoholic Cocktail



ALTA: Italian style botanical soda with classic aperitivo aromatics. We taste pink citrus bite, and warm, fruity spice notes, reminiscent of a Negroni.

COMO: Alpine style botanical soda with mountain amaro aromatics and an extra dry finish. Cool tasting citrus and breezy wildflower notes, reminiscent of Alpine amaro.

ISLA: Caribbean style botanical soda with mellow ginger aromatics. We taste blackstrap molasses over soft ginger and spice, reminiscent of a Safe Harbor.

FORA: Garden District botanical soda with strawberry blossom aromatics. We taste lush strawberry kissed with hibiscus and rhubarb, reminiscent of a Red Drink.

SERA: Riviera style botanical soda with aperol spritz aromatics. We taste tart, juicy grapefruit and delicate spice notes.

ONDA: Sicilian style botanical soda with coastal amaro aromatics. We taste coastal citrus and leafy green sage notes reminiscent of Sicilian amaro.