All The Bitter - Bitters - Non-Alcoholic Mixer



Designed for versatility, our award-winning zero proof bitters can be used in drinks with or without alcohol. Intensely flavorful, a few dashes elevates any drink!

Handmade in small batches with organic botanicals, this bundle includes all 4 of our bitters, perfect for making cocktails or simply mixing with sparkling water:

Aromatic: bitters with earthy roots, warm spices, and ginger. Great in classics like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Orange: bitters with cardamom, coriander, and lemon balm. Adds zest and spice to drinks like a Negroni or Margarita.

New Orleans: bitters with tart cherry, anise, and hibiscus. Livens up any drink! Try it in a Sazerac or non-alcoholic red wine.

Lavender: bitters with chamomile, ashwagandha, skullcap, and other calming herbs. Wonderful in gin cocktails or tea.

Experimental: Handcrafted with Meyer lemons from a single tree in our friend Sarah’s backyard, this limited-release is packed with lemon verbena, gentian root, blue vervain, ginger, spices, and a healthy dose of Siberian ginseng for energy and cognitive function. Enjoy in a mojito, French 75, gin and tonic, with iced tea, or simply mixed with club soda or sparkling wine.

Packed with organic, wild, and functional botanicals like milk thistle seed and dandelion root, these bitters may support digestion and liver health.